DIY Hair Styling: How to Get Professional Results at Home

Have you ever wanted an absolutely gorgeous hair style without having to leave home?  Say less..


Before diving into the realm of hair styling, proper hair prep is key.


On dry hair, start by applying a spray on heat protectant & blow dry that in.


Then go through every other section with a medium hold hair spray from roots to mid lengths (we are drying the hair out with product & the ends are usually the most dry section of the hair so they shouldn’t need much, if any hair spray)


Be sure to hold the can at least a can’s length away from the hair when spraying as to not make the hair “wet” with your hair spray.  


Allow the hair to set for a minute or two, then brush through.  


Hair sprays have alcohol in them so not only are we adding hold to the hair but we are essentially “drying out” the hair because the more dry the hair is, the better it will hold a curl, stay voluminous &...

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