The Vital Role of Hair Prep: The Secret to Stunning Updos


Have you ever wondered why some updos look effortlessly styled while others fall flat?

The secret lies in the often-overlooked step of hair prep.

Trust me; it can literally be the difference between an updo that looks like you just rolled out of bed and an elegant hairdo worthy of the red carpet.


Understanding Hair Prep

Before diving headfirst into laying the foundation for easy updos, let's talk about what hair prep actually entails because without proper hair prep, your updo or hair style simply will not hold up throughout the day or style cooperatively.  

In addition, hair prep can be very time consuming.

See to it that you spend the right amount of time properly prepping the hair and don’t cut any corners to ensure the best possible outcome for your hair style.


What Goes Into Hair Prep

When it comes to hair prep, what you’re essentially attempting to do is “dry out” the hair with your products for a more cooperative canvas...

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