Trend Alert: The Hottest Hair Styling Trends of 2024

Apr 16, 2024

Neon Colors 

Are you ready to turn heads and stand out from the crowd?

Neon hair colors are the perfect way to make a statement and express your unique style in 2024.

But pulling off these vibrant hues requires a bit of know-how.

Don’t worry, though – I’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to rock the neon hair trend like a pro!


Choosing the Right Shade

The first step to pulling off neon hair is choosing the right shade for you.

From electric blue to neon pink, the options are endless!

Consider your skin tone and personal style when selecting a hue that complements your look.

And don’t be afraid to get creative – mix and match different shades for a truly one-of-a-kind look!


Preparing Your Hair

Before diving into the world of neon hair colors, it’s essential to prep your locks properly.

If you’re going for a dramatic change, you’ll need to lighten your hair first to achieve the desired neon effect. 


Maintenance Is Key

Once you’ve achieved your desired neon hair color, the work doesn’t stop there!

Neon hair requires regular maintenance to keep it looking vibrant and fresh.

Invest in a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to help prolong the life of your neon hue, and consider scheduling touch-up appointments with your stylist every few weeks to keep your color looking its best.


Styling Tips and Tricks

Now that you’ve mastered the art of neon hair, it’s time to take your look to the next level with some styling tips and tricks.

Experiment with different hair styling courses online to show off your vibrant locks! 

And don’t forget about accessories – add some sparkle with glittery hair clips or embrace the boho vibe with a floral headband.  


Retro Revival: Vintage Hair Styles Making a Comeback

Remember those glamorous Hollywood waves from the 1950s?

Well, guess what? They’re making a comeback, and they’re hotter than ever!

From red carpets to street style, vintage hairdos are stealing the spotlight, giving us major nostalgia vibes and a whole lot of inspiration to play with our locks.


The Allure of Vintage Glamour

There’s something timeless about vintage hairstyles that just screams elegance and sophistication.

Whether it’s the iconic victory rolls of the 1940s or the sleek Audrey Hepburn updos of the 1960s, these classic looks have a way of adding a touch of old-world charm to any outfit.

Plus, they’re surprisingly versatile, suitable for both formal occasions and casual outings.


Revamping Modern Trends

One of the reasons vintage hairstyles are making a comeback is their ability to add a unique twist to modern trends.

By combining elements of the past with contemporary styling techniques, you can create looks that are both nostalgic and fresh.

Think modern takes on the classic beehive or updated versions of the 1920s flapper hairstyle. The possibilities are endless, especially when you apply the proper prep work before styling!

CLICK HERE for a great prep work guide!! 🤩


Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

No vintage hairstyle is complete without the perfect accessories.

Whether it’s a dainty silk scarf tied around a victory roll or a sparkling hairpin adorning a retro updo, accessories play a key role in enhancing the overall look and adding a touch of authenticity.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with different accessories and find the ones that best complement your style.



🎀 Bows 🎀

Whether you're aiming for a cute and playful look or something more sophisticated, hair bows are the perfect accessory to add flair to any hairstyle.

From casual outings to elegant events, there's a hair bow style for every occasion.


Elevate Your Look Effortlessly

One of the best things about hair bows is their versatility.

Whether you're rocking a casual day look or getting glammed up for a special occasion, a well-chosen hair bow can instantly elevate your style game.

Plus, they're incredibly easy to use – simply clip or tie them into your hair, and you're good to go!

(My favorite bows are by stylist and accessory designer Jill Buck)


Express Your Unique Style with Hair Bows

Hair bows aren't just for little girls anymore.

They're a fun and stylish accessory for women of all ages.

With so many colors, patterns, and materials to choose from, you can express your unique personality and sense of style with ease.

Mix and match different bows to create custom looks that reflect your individuality.

Whether fashion statement or simply add a touch of whimsy to your everyday style, hair bows are the perfect accessory.



2024 is the year to mix and match, try new things and embrace classic hair styling with a modern twist.

Be bold, be brave, be adorable with your hair styles this year because why not?


“Hair Prep 101”

Hair prep is crucial for achieving gorgeous and cooperative hairstyles. 

Grab your FREE hair prep guide now and start styling like the pros!!


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